Sustainability or greenwashing?

Before addressing the topic, it is important to remember the concept of sustainability: a way to promote the satisfaction of current needs without compromising future generations. In other words, it is necessary to comply with an ethical requirement: intergenerational equity! Intergenerational equity requires not excessively burdening the present generation with current expenses that generate future […]


After two months dedicated to the circular economy, it is important to understand sustainability and its dimensions, as well as remember how both concepts relate. Sustainability is promoting the satisfaction of current needs without compromising future generations. However, contrary to expectations, this does not only recognize the environmental dimension! In practice, it illustrates a holistic […]

Circular economy

The September publication addressed the relationship between circular economy and “second-hand” products; however, how to define circular economy? Which are its analytical dimensions? And, how it relates with sustainability? Circular economy is a production/consumption model that recognises sharing, rental, reuse, repair, renewal and recycling of materials and products when possible. Ie., the aim is to […]

Circular economy and second-hand purchases

The circular economy has emerged as a revolutionary approach to address current environmental and economic challenges. In this context, second-hand sales are gaining popularity, marking a transition from a disposable mindset to one of reuse and resale. This reality essentially redefines consumption. Second-hand sales do not only provide affordable products but also alleviate pressure on […]

Operations optimisation- Tecnological consultancy

Technological consulting plays a crucial role in the digital era, since it supports companies upon process implementation and/or technological solutions to optimise complex tasks and maximise operations. A rationale is to increase productivity through more efficient processes, reduce task execution times, and transform challenges into efficiency and competitiveness. Operations optimisation involves a thorough analysis of […]

Fundos europeus: Oportunidades de financiamento para empresas em Portugal

No contexto de apoios financeiros públicos a empresas em Portugal, destacam-se os fundos comunitários enquanto ferramentas cruciais ao desenvolvimento empresarial. Estes são recursos provenientes da União Europeia (UE), destinados a promover o crescimento económico, a inovação e a competitividade das empresas. Tais fundos possibilitam o acesso a financiamento e ajuda direcionados às fases do ciclo […]

Economic outook- 2sd semester 2023

Second semester 2023 acknowledges a promising economic outlook for Portugal and, a challenging and divergent global scenario. This scenario encompasses contextual quandaries, as for instance the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, underlying political and economic tensions between China, USA, and European Union (UE), as well as, profound climate changes. At national level, Portugal latest predictions, acknowledge […]

Remote Work – Missed Opportunity?

Over the last years, remote work has emerged as a transformative trend, providing flexibility and efficiency to employees and employers. However, this potentially innovative opportunity may have a significant social impact (whether positive or negative) when considering a cost/benefit analysis. Remote work offers remarkable advantages: does not require daily movements towards the office and, such […]

Remote work – where do we stand?

Full remote work over the past few years has gradually been replaced by a hybrid solution, which raises some queries upon how companies long-term productivity will be affected. While a more flexible choice such as remote work is considered, the hybrid option has advantages for both sides (company and worker). This seems to be the […]

Remote work – the employees’ perspective

Remote work has reshaped employees’ perspective regarding flexibility and opportunities, since it allowed: i) work in a personalised and/or familiar environment which best acknowledge productivity regarding who works in such format; ii) reduction of time and costs by eliminating daily commuting to the workplace. Note that workspace can be a coffee shop, library, home office, […]