Europa: Transição energética para alternativas mais verdes

Com os preços do combustível tendencialmente elevados e sem perspetiva de melhoria prevê-se um dilema político, económico e social na Europa. O tempo urge assim como o número de opções, logo a aposta deve ser alternativas mais verdes. No passado dia dezassete, foi noticiado pelo jornal Bloomberg, que a Comissão Nacional para o Desenvolvimento e […]

Energy Savings Plan 2022/2023 and the impacts

On the twenty-seventh of September, the Energy Saving Plan 2022/2023 was published in Diário da República, which introduces novel measures regarding energy consumption and energy transition process. Such aim is an energetic response to the energy crisis currently experienced in Europe.The Energy Saving Plan 2022/2023 highlights mandatory and voluntary measures; with different temporal effects (short, […]

International Investment Risks (II)

Over the past six months, Europe has experienced an energy crisis related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Because of it, Europe is preparing for a hard winter, being forced to have low consumption rates after a novel Russian threat upon an increase of natural gas prices. And, continuous cuts in supply in retaliation for […]

International investment risks

The context of war in Ukraine proceeds and the climate of geopolitical tension in Taiwan adds uncertainty to the world economy. However, the essential query is: will Taiwan be a phenomenon of deja vu (Ukraine conflict reoccurrence)? In 1949, China fell apart when the Communist army defeated the Nationalists, become refugees in Taiwan and self-proclaimed […]

Inflation- scenarios

In early June, the European Central Bank (ECB), confirmed the rise into the interest rates by 0.25 percentage points; as a response to the overall increase in the Eurozone. Projections point to 6.8% in 2022, 3.5% in 2023 and the target of 2.1% in 2024. And this reality extends to the members of the Organization […]

The war in Ukraine- III

Regarding metals, Ukraine is a considerable producer of titanium, manganese and iron ore in the international context. Such commodities are key components in the production of low-cost steel for specialized purposes, such as the mould industry. With pressure on export points by Russia, for example, Odesa (access to the Black Sea) and the accentuated destruction […]

The war in Ukraine- II

As a result of the war and economic sanctions against Russia, the growth of the world economy should be lower by 1 percentage point; and inflation, be 2.5 percentage points above the OECD December scenario. This projection estimated global economic growth of 4.5% in 2022 and 3.2% in 2023; and, given the context, world GDP […]

The war in Ukraine- I

When debating the war in Ukraine, in the face of the disparate consequences, I decided to share the argument for better understanding. And, obviously, given the importance and potential impact, the humanitarian issue is a priority. At the time of this publication, and unaware of the potential time gap of the war, the United Nations […]

European funds: El-Dourado or myth?

With the elections, the period of governmental vacuum comes to an end and, the typical questions arise: i) what organisational and functional structure will the government have?; ii) who will be chosen?; and, iii) whether the strategic vision within the electoral manifesto will be fulfilled? However, despite such issues, the focus should be on the […]

Economic projections III (Portugal)

Despite European estimates, a lower growth in the Eurozone, expectations for Portugal show an inverse behavior. Because in the autumn bulletin, the European Commission predicted a growth of 4.5%, while current projections show a value of 4.9% (in everything similar to the forecasts of the National Institute of Statistics). In fact, the report indicates an […]