European Funds: Financing Opportunities for Companies in Portugal

Within the context of public financial support for companies in Portugal, European funds stand out as crucial tools for business development. These European Union (EU) resources aim to promote economic growth, innovation, and competitiveness among enterprises.

Such funds enable access to capital and assistance throughout the various stages of a business life cycle (key areas) to operate in a global market. The incentives cover aspects as business innovation, entrepreneurship, qualification, internationalisation, research and technological development. They are designed to support startups or mature companies by providing grants or loans.

To facilitate support regarding investment, there are portals like the Competitiveness and Capital Portal, which provide detailed information about the topic. In addition, some companies like Kenaz aim to streamline the process of searching for tax benefits and financial incentives.

In this context, companies need to be aware of European Union opportunities. These resources can be fundamental to optimising or developing novel products and services, recruitment, qualifying and retaining talent, as well as, internationalising to contribute to sustainable growth regarding the Portuguese economy.

If you gonna invest or plan to do a series of investments related to the key areas, make sure to research, analyse, and explore European funds. It can be a significant step in the right direction.